Half the man I knew
Show me
Away from here
Nobody but you
Get your act together
Out of reach
I'll even sing the blues
Almost fine
On your mind
Let the music take control
She robs me of my dignity
Two people
Wasted time




these day all you ever talk about / is how you've come this far
seems like you were never one for doubts / or thoughts 'bout who you are
but it's been awhile since i have / seen you crack a smile
that wasn't fake / or just a mistake


these days all you ever listen to / is said on mobile phones
it seems all you ever wanted came on cue / you've made the world your home
but it's been some time since i have / seen you cross the line
towards something new / it's sad but it's true


you're not half the man i knew / and after all that we've been through
i think i'd like to know what i've been missing out
you're not half the man i knew / and after all that we've been through
you really should allow me the benefit of doubt


these days all you ever care about / is how much is at stake
seems like you want to stick out from the crowd / no matter what it takes
but it's been quite long since i have / seen you moving on
without looking back / i guess you don't have the knack


it's days like these that make me feel like we / are somehow losing touch
the times we kept each other company / don't amount to much
but it'll be okay if we don't / cross each other's way
so have a nice life / or at least a good try


you're not half the man i knew...




how can it be / that you talk to the trees
and i can hear what you say / though you're so far away
and why do you know / all the places i go
when you've never been / to the world i'm living in


if there's no more / than eyes can see
how could you be / reality


how can i feel / that your wounds start to heal
when nobody saw / they were hurting before
and why do you hear / when i cry silent tears
when you've never known / the things that made them flow


if there's no more...




and now you talk like you know me and i / think it's because you do but you
just as well could have told me / when i was far enough to be close to you


now i'm sitting here waiting and i / don't know if it's for you and i
thought you'd force me to stay here / but you gave me nothing to cling to


show me / where this is going to
show me / if it's worthwhile to wait for you


you say you get what you wish for and i / come to think that it's true but if
your wish had a backdoor / i'd slip out and take a different view


you seem to know where you're going but you / keep the way to yourself and i i've come along for the ride / but i can't say that i feel too well


show me....




can you hold me in your arms she said / it's getting far too cold
i will leave this place behind she said / i thought i'd let you know
there is somewhere else i'd rather be / but i don't know the way
and i don't want you to come after me


she's gonna run away from here
she says it's 'cause i've come to near
she says she feels like breaking free
from everything she used to be


can you promise me to stay she said / i'll have to go alone
the way will be too long for two she said / and you have found your home
there is nowhere else you have to go / so this is where it ends
and what becomes of me you'll never know


she's gonna run...

it's been awhile now since she went away / but every now and then
it feels as if i hear her call my name / and i remember when
she looked into my eyes before she left / i noticed something strange
just like she told me something words could not express


i'm gonna run away away from here
until i feel that she is near
'cause i think the time has come
for us to finally be as one




yes it's true that there are things nobody does to me but you
but all the others would have stayed if i had wanted them to
and like so many times before you took off in the night
without saying goodbye


i've often wondered why / i'm feeling so alive
every time that you decide to change your mind
i should have dropped the ball / stopped seeing you at all
but every time i tried to turn away you took your say


i never had the nerve to slam the door right in your face
i lose my grip each time you put that smile of yours in place
whenever you decide it's time for yet another round
i simply take the blow and hope that someone counts me out


yes it's true...


i've often wondered when / i'd be seeing you again
but strange enough it never mattered all that much
i should have moved along / admitted i was wrong
each time that i had have a mind you sneaked up from behind


i never had the nerve to turn my back on you and run
although i hardly recognize myself when you are done
whenever you drop by i throw all cautions to the wind
i turn the page and yet another chapter begins


REF.: yes it's true...




you say that you've been refused / and you damn well look surprised
apparently there's no use / in telling you why
what makes you so fucking confident / that you can get anything you want
and after so many failed attempts / how do you keep up your front


have you not come to think / that you might have stepped slightly out of line
please allow me the hint / that eventually you might be wasting time


get your act together baby and let me know when you do
'cause it would be my pleasure baby to start spreading the news
get your act together baby,start reading the signs
better late than never baby or you'll be left behind


you think you've got it all figured out / well girl you should think again
'cause things just ain't going down according to plan
it took you too long to realize / that one and one just don't make three
i could have told you a hundred times / but baby that just ain't me


have you not come to think....


get your act together baby...




it's somehow strange when you are next to me / so close to the touch
maybe i enjoy your company / just a little too much
i shouldn't feel the way i do / i shouldn't waste a thought on you
but i can't keep you out of reach


it's not like i shiver when you call my name / or look in my eyes
still there's something there i can't explain / and believe me i've tried
i shouldn't be here wasting time / trying to put it all in rhymes
but i can't keep it out of reach


and so i'll have to go on without you
and it won't even hurt when i do
but whenever i sing this i'll think of you
yes i will


it doesn't feel as if you broke my heart / 'cause you never did
it's like we're halfway through but missed the start / and it just doesn't fit
that everyting is crystal clear / and you are nowhere even near
still i can't keep you out of reach


it's safe to say it's nothing serious / that much is for sure
but if it was completely meaningless / i wouldn't be insecure
and wonder if i've gone too far / by taking you for what you are
'cause i can't keep it out of reach


and so I'll have to....




my car ain't broken down,my baby's still by my side
the fridge is stuffed with all the food that money can buy
i'm not sleepin' in the streets,i've got a bed to keep me warm
and i don't think i have ever cursed the day i was born


but the one thing i fear / is to see you in tears
no matter when or why
and i'll do what it takes / to put a smile on your face
'cause baby i can't stand to see you cry


i'll even sing the blues / if you want me to
baby come to me when you are down
i'll even sing the blues / if you want me to
but don't tell anybody when we're out on the town


i'm not on the run,the devil ain't got my soul

i didn't have to sell my shirt for the guitar that i hold
i have never jumped on trains,i think it's safer to fly
and somehow the thrill won't leave no matter how hard i try


but the one thing i fear...


i'll even sing the blues...




please tell the truth / or is that too much to ask from you
i don't want proof / i'll trust you like i always do
it's safe to say that we could both get by on our own
but do you think we're better off alone


let's get this straight / it shouldn't be that difficult
no need to wait / for things that haven't yet occured
it's safe to say that we could both find somebody else
but couldn't we be happy just as well


why should we go and throw away / the things we had
when we were almost fine
why sit and wait / for the regret
when we just don't have the time


now be so kind / and spare me yet another lie
i think you'll find / that now's as good as anytime
there's no way to tell if this will ever work out
but shouldn't we stick to the here and now


why should we go....




i hear you say you won't be sorry / when i'm gone
well if you thought that this would hurt me / you were wrong
'cause i can easily get by without you by my side
but i would still be on your mind


you may be thinking that you know me / well enough
to let me down and keep me longing / for your love
but you will realize that i've already changed the sides
while you can't get me off your mind


soon you'll find / what you've been missing all this time
you never tried / to step across your foolish pride


i hear you say that i'll come back here / in the end
well if you think so you should better / think again
'cause i can make it on my own and now the time is right
but i will stil be on your mind




when the city sleeps / there's a lot to hear
and when the night turns cold / a different light appears
all shades of black / turn into grey
this is the start / of another kind of day


and everything you knew so well / now seems a little strange
a secret whisper in your ear / and your conciousness is changed


and you let the music take control
you inhal the smoke before the gleaming turns too cold
and you let your feet move to the groove
take a sip of wine and get back on the move


the streetlight's low / but there's no need to see
a distant drum is beating / through the monotony
the ground's vibrating / and the shadows hold their breath
the next morning's sun / seems a millenium ahead


and everything you knew so well ...


and you let the music take control ...




i know that look in her eyes / she's trying to smile but she can't hide away the tears
the same old story every once in a while / he turns his back on her and once again she's standing here


don't know how many times i've tried / to tell her who's for real
but she just walks away again / and asks me what's the deal


she robs me of my dignity / she's too hard to handle, steals my blues away
she robs me of my dignity / got my mouth wide open, nothing left to say


now that she's back on her feet / she packs her suitcase and she kisses me goodbye
i feel abused but that's fine with me / as long as i know that she'll be around again some other time


don't know how many lonely nights / itŽs gonna last this time
but i know that in the end / she'll recognize that she is mine


she robs me of my dignity ...




the way she looks at him / keeps him from falling asleep
the way she talks to him / keeps him from finding relief
so hard to read the signs
'cause he's not even sure that he's seeing them


he's come too close to her / to simple let go and forget
all of the feelings / it took him so long to accept
but now he's not so sure
if she hasn't already changed the sides


two people standing on opposite sides of love
both hiding their eyes
so they can look at each other just long enough
to swallow their pride


she's had her share of doubt / she sure had her fill of regret
she's waited way too long / for things that would never come back
that's why she shys away
from risking to make that mistake again


she's feeling so confused / that it's not even clear to herself
where this is going to / and if that's where she wants it to end
that's why she backs away
when the road seems to come to a turn again


two people ...


and it's getting harder for them to find out
where they're at and what their whole story's about
would be easy to just let it subside in the sand
but would they really be happy then


two people ...




you didn't come here just to say / that you regret
all the things you did along the way
so why not stop this masquerade / whatever it is
i'd like it better if you said it straight


we both know something's wrong here / i know you don't belong here
just by looking into your eyes
so lift your head and tell me
that you've come to say goodbye


i won't believe it when i see / how you turn around
and pack your bags to run away with me
within a few days you'll be gone / and no matter how
i will simply have to keep on moving on


we both know something's wrong here ...


it wasn't wasted time
i think we'll be just fine
'cause if we're worlds apart
there won't be a way that we could break each other's hearts


you didn't come here just because / you wanted to talk
'bout how and when and why you felt remorse
and after all that we've been through / it sounds a little too cheap
when you say i will still be part of you


we both know something's wrong here ...


it wasn't wasted time ...